Popular writer joins comedian at anti-cuts rally


Bristol Post, Thursday, May 30, 2013

By Marc Rath

WRITER Owen Jones and comedian mark Steel joined an anti-cuts rally in St Paul’s last night to gather support for a national campaign.

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity is a movement gaining momentum around the country ahead of a major demonstration in Westminster on June 22.

Last night’s event saw Mr Jones, author and Independent journalist, and Mr Steel, radio and TV comedian, address a forum of around xx people at the Malcolm X Centre.

Chairing the meeting was Bristol PHD student Naz Massoumi, who is helping The People’s Assembly draw together support from the South West.

He told the Bristol Post: “Until now there have been various movements across the country both locally and nationally. But there hasn’t been a national and coherent forum and that is the purpose of the People’s Assembly.

“This is the start of a national anti-cuts campaign which aims to engage all the people affected by the austerity policies.

“The cutbacks are too sever and they are causing a backlash with a rise in extremist right wing views.”

He said the group had chosen the Malcom X Centre as a symbol.

“The Centre is in one of the places which has faced cut backs where there are black and Asian communities disproportionately affected by the austerity measures,” he said.


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