Bonfire of Austerity: November 5th day of action


The People’s Assembly has called for a day of protest in every town and city on November 5th. Actions will be wide ranging, from occupations of public space or banks, to leafleting, petitioning and road blocking. There is a call for three waves of action: one in the morning, one at lunchtime and one in the evening.

Bristol People’s Assembly is planning coordinated action around 5 campaigns at 5pm on November 5th.

Come along to our organising meeting to help plan what that action might be, ideas for the rest of the day and who should be the bonfire ‘guy’ – Cameron, Gove, Clegg or Osborne?

Wednesday 16th October at 7pm
Unite the Union offices
Tony Benn House,
Victoria Street
Bristol BS1 6AY