People’s Assembly Against Austerity Action Plan 2014

Since its launch in July 2013, the People’s Assembly Against Austerity has had an incredible impact on the anti-austerity movement, in co-ordinating and uniting various campaigns on a local and national level, and re-energerising and sustaining existing anti-austerity opposition.placard_colour

The People’s Assemblies that have sprung up across the country, Bristol included, were pivotal in mobilising thousands for the demonstration outside the Tory Party conference in Manchester at the end of September. On November 5th, the Bonfire of Austerity day of action in Bristol saw various actions throughout the day from different campaigns and culminated in a successful ‘burn the cuts’ protest in the city centre.

Bristol People’s Assembly has also been involved to launching Save Our City a new local campaign against the proposed £90 million of cuts to Bristol City Council which is threatening vital local services (see details about the campaign below).

In 2014, the People’s Assembly Against Austerity is planning a whole host of new actions, locally and nationally (see the calendar below). To discuss these plans in more detail, Bristol People’s Assembly is calling an organising meeting in January. Come along to the meeting and get involved!

Monday Jan 13th 7pm-9pm
Bristol People’s Assembly organising meeting
Unite the Union, Tony Benn House,
Victoria St, Bristol BS1 6AY

Jan / Feb
Hands off our Unions – defend the right to resist
National speaking tour starting with rally in Central London at the end of January following the statement launched in the Guardian.
Read and sign statement.

3 Feb – 7 Feb
Student week of action –
‘No sell off of the student loan book’

Actions on campuses across the country. Click here for actions

Sat 8 Feb
Save Our City anti-cuts demonstration in Bristol

Sat 22 Feb
Women’s Assembly Against Austerity
Launched in the Guardian last week. Click here to register

Sat 15 March
Re-call People’s Assembly conference
Emanuel Centre, London. More info soon.

Wed 19 March
Budget Day – ‘Britain needs a pay rise’
Demonstrations, protests and actions across the country

Sat 22 March
Support for UAF ‘No to racism and fascism’ demonstration.
Click here for info

May Day
Support for May Day protests and demonstrations

Sat 21 June
People’s Assembly National Demonstration London
National demonstration and free festival in Central London.
More info soon.

TUC National Demonstration London