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A hot summer and autumn!

Mass protests on 30 Aug, 6 & 28 Sept, 18 Oct

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity will be mobilising and supporting the upcoming protests this summer and autumn in support of the NHS, against Nato, war and austerity and for better pay (details below).

These demonstrations will follow our No More Austerity – Demand The Alternative demo on 21 June which saw 50,000 people take to the streets and the co-ordinated strike action on 10 July, with over 1 million public sector workers on strike.

The TUC demo in 2011 saw 500,000 people on the streets, lets get millions on 18 October!

If you’d like to be get involved in any of these protests or help support them, please get in touch

Dates for the calendar (see full details below):

1. March against Nato, 30 August, Newport
2. People’s March for the NHS, 6 September
3. Protest at Tory Party Conference, 28 September, Birmingham
4. Britain Needs a Payrise, 18 October, London

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