MONDAY 18th May 7pm Meeting… ‘After the election: How do we STOP the Tories in their tracks?’

MONDAY 18th May 7pm Meeting… ‘After the election: How do we STOP the Tories in their tracks?’

VENUE & TIME: 7 – 8.30pm, The City Road Baptist Church, Stokes Croft BS2 8TP ***Venue is wheelchair ACCESSIBLE***

Join us at this Bristol People’s Assembly PUBLIC MEETING (950+ ‘attending’ on facebook), featuring speakers…

– Bristol Against Austerity organisers
– James Meadway (socialist activist & Senior Economist, ‘New Economics Foundation’)
– Jess McLean (Bristol tenant fighting revenge eviction & ACORN member)
– Steve Turner (Unite Assistant General Secretary & National Chair of the People’s Assembly Against Austerity)

… where we’ll discuss what action is possible for a broad and united movement against austerity as we set out to fight a new incarnation of the Tory government and their destructive agenda of cuts, privatisation, union-crackdowns and attacks on democratic freedoms!

We will be discussing action on both a local and national level.

You can also find out more about Bristol People’s Assembly, what action and campaigns we could undertake here in Bristol over the coming months, and how to get involved.

Please INVITE all your friends and SHARE the facebook event – thanks!


More details…

The Tories have won a slim majority in the election.

They got 37% of a 66% turn-out. But that means just 24% of the electorate voted for them.

Labour, after running on an ‘austerity-lite’ card, with a nod to the crises in living standards/public services, managed to get only 30% of the vote (1.5% advance).

In contrast, votes for the SNP and Greens, campaigning on a forceful anti-austerity & social justice agenda, surged by 3% each (in contrast to Tory advance of less than 1%). UKIP made great gains in their share of the vote, but we all know what that is about.

This election was not a triumph for Tory austerity – it gave plenty of evidence of DEFIANCE.

The People’s Assembly and the many anti-cuts, public services and community campaigns across the country have been fighting hard against austerity and wanton destruction of our social systems for the past 5 years, with some successes and summoning mass support (50,000 demonstrating in London last summer for instance).

The question now is, how do we up our game?

How do we make it impossible for the Tories to push through their planned £30 billion in cuts, and how do we accelerate and grow the people’s movement for an alternative to austerity?

One thing’s for certain. We need to get more active and better organised than ever.

Join the “End Austerity Now” demonstration in London on Sat June 20

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