#AusterityKills MASS DIE-IN PROTEST July 8th, against Osborne’s ‘Emergency Budget’

#AusterityKills MASS DIE-IN PROTEST July 8th, against Osborne’s ‘Emergency Budget’

*** Please INVITE all your Bristol friends ***

————– ASSEMBLE 5pm – 5.30pm ready for action at 5.30pm sharp! ————–

George Osborne, the chancellor, is to present his ’emergency budget’ on Wednesday 8 July, announcing the details of his £12 billion welfare cuts & more… The People’s Assembly Against Austerity has called a national day of protest across the country.

In BRISTOL we’ll assemble at The Fountains (directly next to the Harbourside) from 5:00pm for MASS DIE-INs there and at other locations (a moving protest), ending at College Green…

*** Please bring a placard or something else to hold/wear bearing the ‘Austerity Kills’ phrase or hashtag, but designed however you want! ***

All to highlight the many deaths and huge damage to millions of lives which continues to be caused by austerity and the cuts.

This is also the second budget in just four months & it begs the question what was Osborne hiding in his last?


It has been suggested by researchers that areas most likely to be hit in the budget include:

– Child Tax Credits – to be cut
– Housing Benefit for under-25s – to be cut
– Sickness benefits – to be cut
– In-work benfits – to be cut
– Most benefits – to be frozen
– NHS – further cuts

On Tuesday 30th all funding for the Independent Living Fund for Disabled people was also cut by the government.