Notes from Bristol PA meeting
Mon 23 November

1. Conference

– No motions submitted
– Delegates are: Jack H, Kevin P, Tom V, Zara N, Alan V, Ollie Tl, Caleb P Glyn E, Anne L, Amy L
– Some disagreement on delegate list/process
– Agreed to have better notes from meetings & distribution in future
– Delegate registration deadline on Nov 29
– People can still go through affiliated organisation / as individual
– Report back from conference at next meeting (Dec 14)

2. Cuts to tax credits protest 24 Nov

Isaac finishing Osborne piñata
– ensure we raise anti-war message by making connections: cut war not welfare
– Jeremy from StW to speak

3. Upcoming actions

Junior Doctors strike
– Doctor’s strike rally Nov 30th: Bristol PA to support & publicise, ask for speaker
– Doctor’s strike: Dec 1, 8, 16
William to let others know about organising visit to picket lines
Amy / UoB student assembly to make presence/support
– Bristol PA to support & encourage others to join picket lines

Climate March 29th Nov
– Bristol PA presence / banner / block

Stop the War
– long discussion on threat of war against Syria and need for connecting issues of war, austerity and racism
– plans for lobbying and protest, Jeremy C will us posted
– Leaflet will be prepared for Climate demo on Sunday
– Protest in London on Saturday
– Feb 28th Trident demo in London, Jeremy & Jack to meet CND

4. A.O.B.
– Fundraiser at Crofters Rights on Thu 17 Dec 6pm-1am, hip hop and spoken word
– Suggestion to have more formal structure for accountability and to deal with day to day business
– Next Bristol PA organising meeting: 6.30pm on Mon Dec 14 @ TSSA