Notes from last meeting

Bristol People’s Assembly Monthly Activists Meeting, 14th December 2015

  1. Report back from the People’s Assembly National Conference, 5th December
  • Alan presented Kevin’s report of the conference
  • Issues discussed included the two most contested motions (on the EU referendum and the campaigning for local government budgets) and the participation of disabled activists in PA actions.

Action points:

  1. Kevin’s report will be posted on the facebook page.
  2. Susan will draft a letter to all mayoral candidates to elicit their views on a ‘needs’ budget. This will be workshopped at the next meeting.
  3. Jack will contact someone at the Festival of Ideas to find out about their plans for mayoral hustings.
  4. PA activists to attend the next Mayoral QT and hustings to raise questions on a ‘needs’ budget.
  5. PA activists to keep an eye out for events where we can raise issues of a needs budget
  6. Issue of disabled access to be raised in all discussions of action and meetings.


  1. Plans for next year

Action points:

  1. Ollie will post a list of all national actions contained in the National Conference proceedings.
  2. Needs budget campaign focussed on the mayoral and council elections.
  3. Further plans to be discussed at the next meeting.


  1. Affiliates Drive

Action points:

  1. Alan will prepare a motion to take to local union branches and campaigns for discussion and adoption.
  2. Naz will investigate the precise details on the issue of SWP and Unite the Resistance affiliation to PA nationally.


  1. Other Campaigns
  • Pete reported back on the last meeting of the Stand Up To Racism meeting where 850GBP was raised in donations for Calais. The next SUTR planning meeting will be on the 11th of January at the YHA
  • Stop Trident National Demonstration has been called for the 27th of February
    • Bristol CND will be putting on a coach
    • Bristol PA to help with promotion
    • Joint Rally between Bristol CND, Stop the War and People’s Assembly will take place on the 2nd of February to build for the national demo. Kate Hudson has been confirmed to speak.


  1. AOB and next meeting
  • Issue of establishing formal structures in Bristol PA will be discussed at the next meeting
  • Next meeting will be at 18:30 on Monday 11th January
    • Whilst this clashes with the next SUTR planning meeting, we will ensure that someone from Bristol PA will attend the SUTR planning meeting