Bristol Coach Tickets: #CameronMustGo NATIONAL DEMO for Health, Homes, Jobs and Education



Join us on these coaches from Bristol to the biggie: The People’s Assembly National Demo in London to say #CameronMustGo #ToriesOut and demand a government to stand up for Health, Homes, Jobs & Education…


Last summer we got 9 coaches down from Bristol for the June 20th #EndAusterityNow demo – let’s aim to match that or beat it – and push on the huge wave of resistance forming against this government.

But let’s get big, bold & vibrant Bristol Bloc down – tell your colleagues, friends, family – bring ’em all! We need to up the ante on this vicious, corrupt government and get them out of power asap – a spring of huge protest will be crucial in building the mass public opposition to this end.

If you cannot afford a ticket but would still like to come then e-mail us and we will help to arrange that. We are seeking funding from our affiliated organisations (trade union branches and other campaigns) to subsidise these costs.

Please join, invite & share the Facebook event!


  • Fully funded and publicly owned NHS – end privatisation
  • Invest in health workers – end the staffing crisis
  • No cuts or closures


  • Hands off social housing
  • Secure homes for all
  • Control rents


  • Scrap the Trade Union Reform Bill
  • Stop insecure contracts
  • End the pay freeze, living wage for all


  • Scrap Tuition Fees
  • Invest in our futures – stop cuts to education
  • End the marketisation of education

And please spread the word, lets make this massive!