*FUND Bristol PA*



Thousands of people are rising up against Tory austerity, not least in Bristol, as the inspiring protest organised by school students, our own public meetings and our recent massive mobilisation for the #EndAsuterityNow Demo in London have shown!

Now our immediate task is to keep up that momentum by bringing together as many people as possible for incisive local actions around Bristol, but most importantly the  5 days of National Protest at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester, beginning October 4th.

We have lots to organise. From booking and co-ordinating coaches to get people up to Manchester in the Autumn, through to stalls and leafleting and further local actions locally.

But as an entirely voluntary movement, we suffer severely with lack of funds. Hiring a PA system, booking meeting rooms and printing leaflets all cost money and we simply can’t do it without your help.

That is why we are launching an emergency appeal for funds. Whatever donation you can manage, however big or small, will make a huge difference and help us to mobilise maximum resistance against Tory austerity.

For example:

£10 allows us to subsidise a coach seat to the Tory Party Conference Demo (October 4th) for someone who can’t afford it

£20 pays for 50 posters to spread our message

£50 allows us to hire a venue for a public meeting

£100 would pay for 5000 leaflets so that we can get as many people as possible involved in the movement against austerity

Please give what you can!