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  1. Arkbound would like to feature you on its site and magazine, as well as use extracts from your coverage on cuts. We welcome contributions from those affected.

  2. In the light of what’s happening in France I hope you’ll call off the Calais demonstration planned for June. It is not France that went to war with Syria but Britain. It sent money via people like Muesem Begg to the Syrian Brotherhood for years before the uprising. The British backed mercenaries were in Syria from 2007 and there was no moderate opposition simply ”back to basics” Islam v secular Islam. The answer is not to encourage people to leave their homes and culture but to stop the wars that are occurring by curbing the arms trade. We need to pay more taxes so that we are not dependent on profit from murder to pay for our services.
    Start taking it out on the right people and have the demo in Britain not France, we have a 400 year dictatorship here, so just think what you are unleashing before you begin ”freeing” people. Many Syrian people came to Britain and other parts of Europe before the war. It is arrogant to believe most people want to live exactly like you, Syrian people are patriotic and love their own country and culture. The west is not a beacon of fairness and freedom, in fact Britain is really oppressive and we don’t stand up for anything really, unlike the French. In fact every time the left see a demo in another country like in Libya, Tunisia or Syria they take everything at face value as presented by Rupert Murdoch and the BBC, who are responsible for the turmoil in the first place. Please sprite up with your understanding or fight the fight here.

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